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Six Heart Virtues

The Six Heart Virtues consist of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor. Simple words, but as James has said, “words are energetic ‘vessels.’” and in this case, the “vessels” hold vibrant and empowering behaviors that—when applied to our everyday lives—help us achieve meaningful lives.

In today’s world, much is made of the material life. We have politicians, entertainers, and corporate leaders who gleefully model the behaviors of narcissism and hubris. Nihilism is on the rise. Our pop culture papers over the deeper problems of our society, keeping our eyes glued to our devices, which follow us everywhere. Intellectuals and academics stress the importance of the mind and education. Follow the social program.

Scientific materialism has played a role in marginalizing the magical, mythological and mystical realms that once enjoyed popular interest. Even psychologists and gurus are weighing in on the importance of mindfulness, as if it is an antidote for the social malaise that is infecting our people and organizations. The brain reigns supreme.

It’s a well-known fact that while we are beginning to understand the workings of the brain, the mind—magically tethered to the physical apparatus of the brain and central nervous system—is much less understood. Moreover, the consciousness that supposedly extends from the mind is ghostlier still.

The one oversight in all of this; the one thing often undervalued, is the power of a coherent heart that is authentically engaged in the inflow and outflow of heart virtues. That is to say, it is overcoming the cultural inertia, the social obsession on the brain and mind, and bringing its energy to bear on the micro-life of the individual as well as the macro-life of humanity as a whole.

This isn’t about the warm and fuzzy, sugary sweet gestures of over care or co-dependent “virtues.” This is the clean, higher-energetic frequency or vibration of unconditional love that is being expressed through a prism of behavior that doesn’t seek to control how— once transmitted—it’s received.

If the Six Heart Virtues are like the paint and brushes, our coherent heart is like the artist, and our local universe is the canvas. As an integral part of being a practitioner and not simply someone who is interested in the knowledge, the Six Heart Virtues are a core area of practice to anyone intent on understanding WingMakers.

The resources below are excellent ways to understand the practice.