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Ancient Arrow Site

Where to Begin…

If there’s a starting point for WingMakers Materials, it could be said that the Ancient Arrow site was it. It is the Ancient Arrow site that was the first introduction to the WingMakers mythology, their art, music, philosophy, poetry, and inner technologies (techniques).

The Ancient Arrow site is a remarkable structure, described in great detail in the book The Ancient Arrow Project. Diagrams have been built, artist’s renditions, as well as videos that show the structure of the site, some of which are below.

While the Ancient Arrow site was the first site to be discovered, there are seven sites in total, one for each of earth’s seven continents. The seven sites are named below, in the order they were discovered:

    Ancient Arrow: New Mexico site, near Chaco Canyon 

    Hakomi:  Near Cuzco, Peru, South America

    Zyanya: Southern China, near Canton

    Aadhya: South central Australia

    Jumala: North of Helsinki, Finland 

    Mawu: North central Africa in the vicinity of Lake Chad

    Pillan: Antarctica in Wilkes Land near Vostok

Each of the seven sites contained 24 chambers that held various artifacts of an alien culture. These artifacts were integral expressions of a spiritually-minded race referred to in the WingMakers materials, as the Central Race. These included chamber paintings, poetry, philosophy, cosmology, and music. Currently, four sites (in the order they were discovered) have been disclosed in terms of poetry and art. 

One can think of these sites as extraterrestrial time capsules, a reference made in The Ancient Arrow Project book. Collectively, these sites contain the necessary ingredients for the human species to make the penultimate discovery, known in the materials as the Grand Portal or the irrefutable discovery of the human soul. This is the ultimate purpose of humankind: to live on earth as self-realized consciousness. To bring earth and soul consciousness together as a coherent expression.  

In the book, The Ancient Arrow Project, it describes in great depth how the Ancient Arrow site was discovered by a secret government agency known as the ACIO (Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization). It also provides descriptions of the artifacts and how they were decoded by the ACIO.