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The Visual Art of the WingMakers

WingMakers art is an integral part of providing tools for people to activate and remodel their personal belief systems. James Mahu has released a significant body of art in his chamber paintings and associated graphics. In the novel, The Ancient Arrow Project, the art is given a very specific relevance.

It’s important to remember that every element of the WingMakers mythos is an integral part of a whole. The art is an essential player in magnifying the spirit of these materials across cultural and language barriers.

The beauty of art and music is that it requires no translation. It transcends language barriers. Thus, WingMakers relies on these elements to provide anyone, regardless of background, language or culture, access to the activating frequencies encoded in these works.

The art that James Mahu has developed is, at its heart, a symbol of the Sovereign Integral. It represents this most primordial consciousness that remains largely undetected and underutilized. The art of WingMakers provides a new horizon line where we can sense the glow of a new world forming like a nascent heartbeat before the body fully forms.

In effect, if the Sovereign Integral consciousness is behind closed doors, then the art of the WingMakers is a method to wedge these doors open for the individual to peer inside.

This work is rooted in our cosmic matrix. There is a feeling of a rupture—of time, space, materialism, and human-created providence. It is numinous and in a real sense, it’s escaped the persona of one man. It is involved in something deeper and something unconsidered. Its subject is seldom exhumed or touched because it is hidden in collectivity.

This is the purpose of the WingMakers art: to activate the collective archetype of the Sovereign Integral. To dredge this consciousness, so well hidden, to the surface of human existence so it can be examined in a new light. And in this examination, a person can activate this consciousness within themselves a little stronger.

The Sovereign Integral has existed throughout human existence as a visionary rumor, occasionally represented in artistic expressions like paintings, poems, architecture, dance, and literature, but it is seldom seen more vividly or explicitly as in the WingMakers Materials.

In effect, if the Sovereign Integral consciousness is behind closed doors, then the art of the WingMakers is a method to wedge these doors open for the individual to peer inside. The art is like a pregnant language that holds meaning, but the individual must allow it to draw them below the surface. If you allow the art to seize you, it can bring you to the principle understanding of what we are.

There are four primary collections of the art:

  • The 24 chamber paintings of the Ancient Arrow site
  • The 24 chamber paintings of the Hakomi site
  • The 24 chamber paintings of the Zyanya site
  • The 24 chamber paintings of the Aadhya site

About the Art Prints

The large scale art prints are approximately 30 x 20 inches, but they vary a little depending on the aspect ratio of the particular piece. The small scale are each 11 x 14 inches and are consistently the same size for easy framing. The artwork is printed on museum quality paper, using archival inks from a professional art publishing firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who exclusively serve professional artists. 

Artist’s Statement

For those who like to read more detailed information about how James’ creates and develops his art, you can download a PDF that explains his philosophy of art.

James Mahu: Artist’s Statement

Aadhya Chamber Paintings

Ancient Arrow Chamber Paintings

Hakomi Chamber Paintings

Zyanya Chamber Paintings

Wingmakers Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition is a limited edition boxed set of 15 Chamber Paintings from the Ancient Arrow site. Each of these prints is produced on a high end printer with archival quality pigments, and feature premium, heavy weight finished paper.

The size of each of the 15 prints is 11″ x 14″ (28cm x 36cm). The paper is acid free and UV coated. The prints are smudge-proof and can be handled without concern. The inks, printer, and paper were carefully selected to create the highest quality images possible.

Included in this Collector’s Edition is a black presentation case. Every box has a handcrafted bookbinder-quality and is signed by James in gold permanent ink signature on the cover. The presentation cases are solid, secure boxes that resist dust, dirt, and light infiltration. They are acid- and lignon-free, and
feature a buffering agent to neutralize any migrant acid or atmospheric pollutants.

The Collector’s Edition prints are ideal for framing. They are remarkably detailed and brilliant in their colors.

The edition includes 15 prints and the black presentation case for a price of $249 plus shipping and handling.


Below are the 15 prints included in the Collector’s Edition