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Music, like visual art, transcends language and education. In the case of WingMakers, music plays a central role. James Mahu has composed and produced 10 CDs and various musical arrangements that include poetry to music.

While the vast majority of philosophical systems (and mythological, for that matter) do not feature music as an integral part of their materials, James has always said that, “the music is an important part of the WingMakers experience.”  It’s not critical or essential, but it can be useful to engage with the music and let it, in a sense, carry you away.

The music arrived in 2001 with the release of the First Source CD. First Source CD was more than 60-minutes of music; it also included art files, writings and poetry. It was related to the first nine chambers of the Ancient Arrow site, which are part of The Ancient Arrow Project novel.

Over the next 15 years, nine additional CDs were released, along with numerous music compositions for poetry, film, and special meditations related to the EventTemple’s website.

From a structural perspective, the 24 Chambers of the Ancient Arrow site are contained as a collection of four CDs, and the Hakomi site has a similar collection. There is also a CD devoted to The Grand Portal, which was originally released on the Lyricus website.

For those who want to listen, the WingMakers collection is on SoundCloud, and for those who want to purchase either an individual song or a CD, you can find them in the store.

Within The Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. I is a great introduction to the music as presented by the esteemed author, John Berges.

First Source

First Source is one of the most popular of the music collections. Its music is accessible with strong melody lines and vibrant instrumentation, and it is set with complex, soaring vocals and chants. It is the original music that was first released and it incorporates multimedia elements that can be downloaded to your computer.

The content ranges from 60 minutes of original music from Chambers 1-9 that can be played on any CD player; dozens of complex and engaging graphics and paintings (most are not found on the website); three philosophical essays; an electronic book (The Ancient Arrow Project – complete edition); glossary of terms; new music samples from chambers not yet released; three interviews of Dr. Neruda; a complete paintings gallery with very high resolution images suitable for printing; a poetry book; and quite a bit of additional content that is secreted away behind hidden passages and passwords.


Chambers 10

The music of Chamber 10 weaves compositional patterns and sounds from all corners of the globe — geographically and historically — into a universal anthem of the Wholeness Navigator. 

Chamber 10, in the context of the human genome, is analogous to the genetic structure of the human chromosome 10. This chromosome regulates, in large measure, the condition of well-being within the human instrument and its relationship to physical, emotional, and mental forms of stress.

There are 38 musical compositions within Chamber 10 that flow together seamlessly. These musical “stanzas” express the flowing movement and multi-faceted expression of the Wholeness Navigator. They are bridges through which you can travel between worlds and dimensions. This is not meditative music whose purpose is to relax your mind and body. The music of Chamber 10 is designed to call forth that part of you that is eclipsed by your human personality and the human dimension of experience. 


Chambers 11-17

Integrates ambient, pop and contemporary hip-hop beats with cross-cultural chants, evoking an ethnic blend of India, Native America, and beyond. Complex rhythms, percussive textures, and stirring melodies strike a rare balance between classical form and ambient atmospherics. Chambers 11-17 is a lush musical journey infused with a sense of traveling to other worlds, times, or cultures. The beat-driven soundscapes are hypnotic, and bring both a sense of peace and energy to those who listen. This is soulful, global music.

The vocals of Charlottemarie soar on several of the songs and interact hauntingly with the Native American chants.

Chambers 18-24

From the Ancient Arrow Project, Chambers 18-24 contain 62 minutes of melodically abstract, intricately layered music compositions. It’s the most complex of the Ancient Arrow compositions, blending strong, pulsing rhythms, otherworldly textures and instruments, with multi-layered vocals and chants. The music is inspiring to the body, mind and spirit. This is definitely higher energy than the previous two releases, more spatial, and more focused on vocal and chant, and complemented by multiple counter melodies that creates a sense of mystery and suspense.

This is an integrated experience for the heart and mind.

Hakomi Chambers 1 & 2

The music of Chamber 1 and 2 from the Hakomi Project is nearly an hour-long journey into a musical soundscape that fuses rhythmic vocals and instrumentation into spellbinding compositions. These are exotic, otherworldly sounds, deriving from a very sophisticated palette of sounds, textures, and moods. Superb vocals are ornamented by deep, harmonic drones, stirring melodies, and a mesmerizing array of world percussion.

Hakomi is a Hopi word that when translated means: “Where do you stand in relation to the other realms.” This CD release from the WingMakers is truly notable in its compositional flow, representing a remarkable array of instruments and wordless vocals that are expertly blended into an expression of the inexplicable. This is the first release of material from the second WingMakers’ site discovered near the city of Cusco, Peru. It follows the release of the four CDs that comprise the Ancient Arrow site, which was discovered in Northern New Mexico. More information about this new site can be found in the Fourth Neruda Interview. Music from chambers one and two is included on this disc. Each are extensive and compelling compositions with an amazing variety of strong, melodic passages reminiscent of the Ancient Arrow Project, but also breaking new ground compositionally.

The presence of the Wholeness Navigator is invisible to the human instrument, and, for the most part, is not felt sufficient to induce the behaviors of soul. The higher pathways of the mind imagine it, capturing it like the wind a seed, and these images can be translated to the emotions and body through music more vividly than any other art form.

- Hakomi Translation Chamber One


Hakomi Chambers 3

The music of Hakomi Chamber 3 is a mystical journey into a melodic soundscape that fuses an amazing array of vocals and chants with acoustic instrumentation and electronic sounds that are both ethereal and mesmerizing. The CD consists of a single composition that flows uninterruptedly for 75 minutes, making it amongst the longest compositions ever produced. For all its length, Chamber 3 flows effortlessly like a great river, inviting the listener to experience a musical adventure that expands and deepens consciousness as if the music itself were a teacher. The composition is a melding of styles, voices, and instrumentation that summon the mind and heart to listen. The music from Chamber 3 is challenging and complex, dark and mysterious, and light dances throughout its expansive soundscape.

In the generosity of stars we live. By the freedom of our will we love. Through the enchantment of the unexplored we learn.

- Hakomi Translation Chamber Three


Hakomi Chambers 4-6

Hakomi Chambers 4-6, is an 80-minute journey into the subtle regions of the human spirit. It combines an intricate tapestry of acoustic and electronic instrumentation interspersed with the soaring and inspiring vocal chants of Charlottemarie, Gregorian monks, and nearly a dozen other vocalists. This CD is a meaningful fusion of the human voice, subtle melodies, spatial depth, and spiritual content formed in, and orchestrated by, the mantras and chant lines embedded within each chamber song. Compositionally, it incorporates exotic rhythms, rich melodic lines, and an intriguing array of instrumentation that blends western and eastern traditions – both ancient and modern. 

What is within is without equal, it arises from the smallest space where the First Vibration of the Unmanifest surges in the splendor of One World’s Grace.

- Hakomi Translation Chamber Four


Hakomi Chambers 7-12

Hakomi Project: Chambers 7-12, incorporates the energetics of higher dimensions through the use of exotic rhythms, intricate melodies, meditative passages, layered harmonies, spoken poetry, and ancient mantras in their original languages. This soundscape inspires and resonates with our deepest longing to approach the divine within us. These are deeply moving compositions with subtle, multifaceted textures and luminous melodies that flow seamlessly like one composition (CD is over 76 minutes). Featured prominently are Charlottemarie’s soaring, emotive vocals, performing intricate chants and harmonies that originate from ancient cultures thousands of years old. Vocally this CD is more complex than any of the WingMakers’ collection of nine CDs, and these soaring vocals play a wonderful counterpoint to the complex rhythms, the layered percussion and fluid, dexterous guitar work that make this CD so compelling.


Hakomi Chambers 13-21

This is the newest release of music from the WingMakers. James has decided to make this an exclusively digital release, so there is no CD available for this particular album. These nine compositions are extremely melodic and stirring with soaring, intricately layered vocals provided by the renown Vima Lamura. These compositions have exotic percussion and clear connections to Indian compositional structure, but with a modern twist.


The Grand Portal (Lyricus)

The Grand Portal, is an engaging journey into the Heart of All Things. It is an inspiring blend of orchestral movements and vocal chants supported by the rich and diverse textures of masterful percussion, hypnotic bass lines, and subtle, mysterious counter-melodies. The exuberant sense of adventure that accompanies its flowing compositional structure is both undeniable and inspiring. The CD consists of two compositions, Solotonic Transformations 1 (24:20) and Solotionic Transformations 2 (32:20). The CD is over 56 minutes, and as is typical of James’ compositions, it is a musical adventure, or as James puts it: “Music for Discovery.” Melodically, there is great potency in this CD, with sweeping, pastoral orchestral movements that draw your attention internally—to the region of the innermost heart. It seems as if the compositions are movements of the spirit, designed to entrain the heart to a new level of expression and buoyancy.


Music Collections

WingMakers Complete Music CD Collection

The WingMakers Chamber Music Collection consists of nine CDs spanning the Ancient Arrow project, Hakomi, and Lyricus. This collection is the definitive Chamber music from the WingMakers, encompassing nearly 10 hours of inspiring music. The collection includes the First Source CD-ROM which has the full e-book of the Ancient Arrow Project and all of the other materials included with this hybrid CD. Purchased as a collection, you will save 15% off the regular price.

Ancient Arrow Music CD Collection

The Ancient Arrow Chamber Music Collection from the WingMakers consists of four music CDs that comprise the complete 24 Chambers of the Ancient Arrow Project site. This collection includes the First Source CD-ROM, which has the complete Ancient Arrow e-book and high resolution art files. Purchased as a collection, you will save 15% off the regular price.

Hakomi Music CD Collection

The Hakomi Chamber Music Collection from the WingMakers consists of four music CDs spanning the Hakomi project from Chambers 1-12. This collection reflects the rich and evocative assortment of melodies that are often considered by WingMakers aficionados as the more abstract and hauntingly beautiful compositions of the WingMakers collected works. Purchased as a collection, you will save 15% off the regular price.