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Chamber Four – Beliefs and Their Energy Systems

Chamber Four – Beliefs and Their Energy Systems

All beliefs have energy systems that act like birthing rooms for the manifestation of the belief. Within these energy systems are currents that direct your life experience. You are aware of these currents either consciously or subconsciously, and you allow them to carry you into the realm of experience that best exemplifies your true belief system.

Belief systems resonate with, and are the byproduct of, the dominant energy system of a sympathetic group, culture, and even species. Thus, energy systems are more fundamental than beliefs, and create experience that creates beliefs. Energy systems are wide ranging in their context, but as they relate to beliefs, they can be defined as primordial thought forms crystallized within the human DNA. Some would refer to these fundamental energy systems as instinctual knowledge.

Within each entity is the genetic compound of its ancestry, moving across innumerable generations and species, and, in the vastness of galactic time, this genetic compound accumulates energy systems that pertain to how one survives in the three-dimensional universe. Thus, survival is the dominant energy system of the human entity, which informs its genetic code and triggers its life experience and beliefs.

Survival is the focal point of conformity. When an entity believes so deeply in survival, it is near impossible to break from the conformity that survival requires. And so, the human species, rooted in an energy system of survival, has become a conformist to the dictates of its genetic predispositions and instincts, and its experience reflects this, conditioning its belief system to follow.

Life circumstances do not differentiate nor insulate an entity from this pervasive reality. Thus the equation for three-dimensionally based species: Survival-Based Energy System + Galactic Time = Conformist Life Experience = Belief System. What this means is that survival, as the core energy system of the species, will beget over long periods of time a life experience that produces conformity to the requirements of survival. Consequently, belief systems are largely a byproduct of the genetically based instinct to conform in order to survive.

The cycle of conformity entrains energy systems of individuals and groups, and it casts belief systems that obey the energy system just as surely as a shadow conforms to the general shape of an object. Within the boundaries of the survival-based energy system are transition zones that permit a re-casting of one’s belief system in accordance with cosmological, multidimensional energy systems. Think of these transition zones as isolated portals of energy that intersect the dominant energy system of the human species not unlike energy vortexes intersecting space.

The energy system that permeates terra-earth—creating predictable belief systems of conformity—will be energetically transformed to enable more accessible transition zones. How one accesses these portals or transition zones and utilizes their enabling energy system will be the real issue of your twenty-first century.

Think of these transition zones as portals that lead one out of the prevailing energy system of survival and conformity of the mind-body into a new energy system that is of the mind-soul. The mind-soul energy system is characterized by creative energy directed to realizing that the Wholeness Navigator is the personality that endures and is therefore the creator of enduring beliefs and life experience. When this realization is achieved by accessing one of these transition zones or portals, the entity can begin to restructure their belief system independent of time and the predominant notion of survival.

There are two kinds of transition zones: Tributary Zones and the Grand Portal. The Tributary Zones fluctuate over time and are generally found in the high-culture of a robust civilization—notably the art movements that are grounded in spiritual principles, sacred mythology, and cosmic context. Art of this nature, whether it is music, painting, poetry, drama, or dance, can be constructed into a Tributary Zone that transitions entities to discover the Grand Portal.

The Grand Portal is the prime achievement that awaits humanity in the last quarter of the twenty-first century. It will be the irrefutable discovery of the human soul by authoritative science. This Grand Portal will usher in a new awareness for humanity that will enable it to shift from a survival-based, mind-body energy system, to an exploratory-based, mind-soul energy system. This exploratory energy system will manifest the belief system of the Sovereign Integral: the Golden Age long prophesied.

The WingMakers, working in conjunction with the existing Hierarchy, have created or inspired the Tributary Zones throughout human history. Each of these Tributary Zones emerges on the timeline of humanity not as religious or philosophical movements, but as artistic expressions of refined beauty and spiritual adoration. As time draws nearer for the discovery of the Grand Portal, these artistic expressions will become increasingly multidimensional, integrated, and, like directional beacons, guide the way to the Grand Portal’s discovery.

This is the way of enlightenment for the human species. The WingMakers created the initial Tributary Zones in accelerated, non-physical dimensions as outposts of creative energy linked to the higher circuits of First Source, and these act as guideposts that gently steer humankind’s finest representatives of the arts and culture to create Tributary Zones that are physically based, which in turn, guide humankind’s finest representatives of the sciences to ultimately discover and prove the existence of the Wholeness Navigator. In so doing, humanity is forever changed from a survival-based energy system to an explorer-based energy system.

This is the event that will change the life experience of humanity more profoundly than any other event of the twenty-first century. Eleven thousand years of civilization will culminate in this event, and it will occur through art and science. Religion will be a factor as well, but only a subsidiary factor. When this discovery is made, religion will have no choice but to honor it and adopt the far-reaching implications. Religion will fear it will be displaced by science, and it will know only one course of action: integrate with the new science that combines technology, psychology, metaphysics, and cosmology.

Tributary Zones will become the new religion of the twenty-second century. They will become the touchstone for accessing the new energy coming into the planet as a result of the Grand Portal’s discovery. In this time, the new structure of the Hierarchy will—like a glove turned outside in—finally fit the human “hand”. This will herald the Return of the Masters who have remained behind the veil of secrecy because of the survival-based interests of religion, business, government, and science.

However, these institutions will be reformatted, and those Masters who hold the vital information as to how the individual may use the Grand Portal to explore themselves and the universe, will be revered and finally appreciated by humanity at large. By the dawning of the twenty-second century, the Grand Portal will be ubiquitous in human culture and acknowledged in all classrooms of learning.

The discovery of the Grand Portal is a carefully orchestrated event string, consisting of innumerable components. The reason this event has been, and continues to be, so carefully orchestrated is that it will galvanize the Genetic Mind of the human species to explore the multiverse, and not simply terra-earth or its solar system. It is the single event that establishes humankind on the Sovereign Integral Network, and shifts the energy system of the human species from which all manifestations arise.

When a species in the three-dimensional universe discovers irrefutable scientific proof of the multiverse and the innermost topology of the Wholeness Navigator, it impacts on every aspect of the species. It is the most profound shift of consciousness that can be foretold, and it is this event that triggers the Return of the Masters to explicit influence and exoteric roles.

There are many practical applications for restructuring one’s own energy and belief system, and they require, in most cases, an active immersion into a Tributary Zone. This means to interact with the Tributary Zone on a deeply personal level, translating its meaning through in-depth consideration for its personal messages. Each Tributary Zone is designed like a house of mirrors. Until one steps inside, there is no image to reflect. No personal content to convey.

The most common way of accessing a non-physical Tributary Zone is through meditation or the dream state. While in these altered states of consciousness, the entity can begin to shift and restructure their energy system by accessing these Tributary Zones. Typically, this is done under the guidance of a select member of the Hierarchy who is a master of energy system transfer.

The purpose is to guide an entity to become less dependent on the survival energy system complex that invites conformity and a life experience therein. These entities are invited to participate in this process in order to activate their sense of creative power and authority to manifest in the three-dimensional universe a deeper and more penetrating channel into the mysterious realm of the Wholeness Navigator.

Entities are selected based on their accumulated desire to assist in the event string of the Grand Portal. As previously cited, the WingMakers created Tributary Zones in the accelerated dimensions whereby entities could access them in the dream state or, in some instances, through meditation. Exposure to these Tributary Zones, even though seldom remembered, enabled these entities to transfer a likeness of the non-physical Tributary Zone to the three-dimensional world of terra-earth.

These initial physical creations dealt with spiritual values and were often the product of poetry, art, music, and drama. In the dawning of the twenty-first century, they will combine art, spiritual values, technology, and science, and they will become Tributary Zones of greater import because they will prefigure the Grand Portal, and in this prefiguring they create the Framework of Discovery upon terra-earth.

These physical Tributary Zones will catalyze the entities born of the twenty-first century in ways that the non-physical Tributary Zones cannot. Specifically, they will cause a resonance at a sub-molecular level through music and art that will reconfigure the four-dimensional protein patterns of the human brain and nervous system. In so doing, the nervous system will receive and transmit higher energy circuits that enable a very subtle mutation in the region of the brain where intuition or the sixth sense resides.

There is a sixth sense in which the brain becomes an organ of the Genetic Mind instead of the physical body of an individual entity. This is a state of consciousness separate from the Sovereign Integral because it is not sustainable. It is only glimpsed for brief moments, but in these brief passages of time, the Genetic Mind can transfer ideas, insights, and innovations that make possible the discovery of the Grand Portal.

There is a repository of knowledge that was seeded within the Genetic Mind nearly eleven thousand years ago by the WingMakers. This knowledge is the blueprint for the discovery of the Wholeness Navigator. The human Hierarchy has drawn close to this Holy Grail through the efforts of its finest representatives. We, the WingMakers, have included everything for your successful attainment. No detail has been left out or overlooked. We have undertaken this process of energy system transfer on countless life-bearing planets within the Grand Universe, and your finest representatives will succeed.

However, the Grand Portal is not easily comprehensible. It will require an educated humanity in the fields of cosmology, technology, and science. It is for this reason that medical technologies in the field of genetics and neural mapping will proceed in the twenty-first century to enable a new, spatial intelligence to anyone who desires it. While this medical technology may seem to some as an artificial, and therefore unwelcome technology, it will be required for much of the human race in order to comprehend the Grand Portal, and it should not be feared.

This technology will accelerate a portion of the brain center that is responsible for spatial, multidimensional constructs and highly abstract thought processes. In the average human mind, it will permit the Grand Portal’s energy system to be comprehensible, and, therefore, believed as a scientific principle as factual as the force of gravity.

The energy system of the Tributary Zones that prefigure the Grand Portal will be translated from the WingMakers to your finest representatives in the dawning of the twenty-first century. These Tributary Zones will manifest in the three-dimensional world of terra-earth, but will actually stem from a non-physical dimension known only to the WingMakers and First Source. In a sense, these Tributary Zones are echoes of a reality from your future, bearing down on you as an energy field that makes possible the quantum leap required of your species to allow the Wholeness Navigator to fully embody humanhood.

It is reasonably true to state that if humankind in your time believed it was a collective vehicle of First Source, endowed with ITS exploratory virtuosity, it would instantly recognize itself as the WingMakers. It is also true—in the same sense—that the WingMakers would not exist if we were not successful in making visible the Grand Portal to humankind. Through our existence, humanity is assured of its future. When all the calamities of terra-earth are forecast, and your doom as a species is spelled out in the certainty of cataclysm and war, the event that will redeem you is in the discovery, acceptance, and application of the Grand Portal.

This new energy system can be brought into your personal realm. When you believe, “I am a fragment of First Source imbued with ITS capabilities,” you are engaging this energy system inherent within the feeling of connectedness. You are pulling into your reality a sense of connection to your Source and all the attributes therein. The belief is inseparable from you because its energy system is assimilated within your own energy system and is woven into your spirit like a thread of light.

These threads, however, must be manifold, or they will break, and your energy system will remain in the shadows of survival and conformity. As you gain awareness of the Tributary Zones, you will gain insight into the new energy systems and how to anchor these energy systems into your own. There are specialized techniques for weaving this energy system to your own and exchanging—over time—your survival-based energy system for the exploratory energy system of the coming age.

These techniques provide a means to weld survival and exploratory energy systems, as though one were creating a footbridge that enabled them to cross the chasm separating the two energy fields. These techniques are divided into three categories:

• Mind-Body Movement Techniques

• Mind-Soul Comprehension Techniques

• Emotion-Soul Acquisition Techniques

Mind-Body Movement—This technique involves the expression of music in the form of body movement that focuses the mind on the body’s rhythmic, improvisational flow. The mind is following the body, and the body is following the music. The music, as the organizing principle, must be designed for this explicit purpose, or it will not lead to the exploratory energy system. The music compositions of Chambers Seventeen through Twenty-four—from each of the seven Tributary Zones created by the WingMakers—are intended for this purpose.

This technique requires a single-minded willingness to follow the interpretation of the body into the feel of the music. It would be like entering a meadow in the height of Spring with your eyes closed, knowing that your sense of smell would guide you to the flowers. In this same way, your mind must trust that your body is able to listen to the music and capture a sense of this new energy system encoded within the “field” of music.

By placing the mind in the position of follower, it is reliant on the body to make interpretations of movement based solely on the music. Thus, the music can penetrate directly to the mind and entrain it to a new energy system. The music will—by design—generate body movement that is high energy, complex, rhythmic, and stimulating to the emotional center of the brain.

This is a form of meditation taught by the WingMakers that demonstrates the trust placed upon the body intelligence and the willingness of the mind to listen to this intelligence. This is a thread of this new energy system externalized through this technique. There are portals designed into the music that will open the brain’s emotional centers to this new energy, and when they are discovered, you will feel the undeniable shift in your energy field. The movement of the body signifies the externalization of the new in direct counterpoint to the old. It demonstrates the compatibility of the two energy systems, and how one can be in both fields simultaneously with comfort and confidence.

There are no rules to this movement. It is not a choreographed dance with either right or wrong movements. It is an improvisational body expression bypassing the mind and allowing the music’s voice to be heard as clearly as possible by the body intelligence. The physical body becomes the sail of the music’s wind, while the mind is the ship’s hull. Clarity of intention is all that is required. There is no qualitative difference beyond this that matters.

The anchoring process requires a minimum of a cycle (seven expressions) of each composition in Chambers Seventeen through Twenty-four. There is a time period of the cycle that requires a completion in approximately one month of your time. Thus, each of the seven expressions for a single Chamber should be completed within a thirty day period of time. It can be less, but should not be more. It is recommended not to focus on more than two Chambers during a cycle.

Each expression of a particular Chamber should change over the course of the seven expressions. This progression can be radical variances or simple refinements; it depends on the entity’s body development, comfort, and ability to listen to the subtle layering of the music and its focus in the moment. It is not only the energy of the low frequency rhythms, or percussive frequencies, but also the voices and melodies that can speak to the body intelligence.

The approach is different from your art form of dance in that each expression of the eight Chambers will develop the body intelligence to recognize an exploratory-based energy system. It will, in effect, activate the body’s natural radar for this energy system, helping the human instrument to navigate into the new energy. It also confers a degree of trust to the body intelligence that it is not about the body’s movement in space that matters, but is rather how the body listens to vibrations and responds in kind.

A Grand Cycle consists of a minimum of fifty-six expressions, and the Grand Cycle is the physical thread that generates an awareness of the new energy system in the body. It is important to anchor this awareness in the body because the body intelligence is the most instinctual of the human instrument, and while you may have awareness in your mind and soul, if it is not present in your body, your shift to the new energy is impeded because the body will instinctually gravitate to the survival-based energy system.

There will be some who will not be comfortable in practicing the expressions of this technique. You have been programmed that your body does not possess its own intelligence, therefore, when you are told to listen and express with your body’s intellect, you feel overly self-conscious to even try. It is natural, and is part of the old energy system that controls your movement and sensory perceptions.

It is indispensable to listen with your body, express with your body, and to feel with your body the movements that the music dictates. When you come to the end of your expression, you may sit or stand in silence and listen to the reverberations calling within you, and then transmit these to the human instrument as a whole. This is done by visualizing the body as a transmitter of the energy, generated from the expression, and projecting this energy into the human instrument like a coil’s energy finally released.

If you are unable to proceed through the Grand Cycle, you may still find the tools to build your bridge in the remaining two techniques.

Mind-Soul Comprehension—This technique involve the knowledge of the new psychology destined to reach humanity in the twenty-first century. This is the psychology that integrates metaphysics and the spiritual perceptions of the Genetic Mind, with the science of the brain and the shaping influences of culture and personal genetics.

Individual entities acquire their psychological acumen by studying behaviors and their consequences in others, such as family members or friends. It is the byproduct of this psychological study that helps to establish an entity’s own behavioral boundaries. When psychology ignores the incomprehensible, the psychology of the species is mostly based on the phenomenon of observable behavior. As psychology evolves it increasingly takes into account the brain, mind, and emotional interplay.

The incomprehensible is First Source and the structure and interconnectedness of ITS creation. Human psychology has ignored this aspect of the human condition, venturing only as far as the dream state, which, by comparison, would be the equivalent of standing on a mountaintop reaching for the sun. The human condition is considered untouched by the incomprehensible, and yet, it is encompassed in it like a caterpillar within a cocoon. If the caterpillar were untouched by the cocoon would it emerge a butterfly?

The mind-soul comprehension technique focus the mind on the incomprehensible through the use of visual symbols that are just outside the intelligible regions of comfort as set forth by human psychology. By investigating visual symbols through the eye-brain, the mind can secure a glimpse into the Sovereign Integral consciousness and the special psychology therein. An entity may, through an imaginative scenario based on a Tributary Zone, gain comprehension of the new psychology. The technique is admittedly abstract, but very effective. In this visual scenario the mind becomes a personal identity, as does the soul. Together, these two identities coexist on an otherwise deserted island. The mind has discovered the symbols of the WingMakers’ Chamber Paintings, and must explain their purpose to the soul. Neither the mind nor the soul speaks the same language, and thus the mind must explain the symbols’ purpose to the soul through telepathic means.

Examine one of the Chamber Paintings, conducting a thorough mental analysis. Once completed, you may now take this knowledge and translate your understanding to your soul, bringing it comprehension without language. This is highly conceptual, but it is designed to be this way for a purpose, and the insights that will result are profound and far-reaching because they demonstrate how the mind-soul comprehension operates to enrich the mind’s understanding of the incomprehensible. Comprehension of the incomprehensible does not flow from the soul to the mind, but rather from the mind teaching itself.

When the mind grasps the incomprehensible through symbols—be they mathematical formulas or the language of Gods—it sharpens the lens of psychology to focus on the invisible persona of the human soul and the energy system that regulates its behavior in the world of non-time. Herein is the difficulty of the new psychology: It is based upon non-time, and here the mind is mute and blind. If you observe the Chamber Two Painting, using the aforementioned technique, you will learn a new dimension of time. If you inspect the Chamber Three Painting, you will gain knowledge of a new dimension of inner space. If you study the Chamber Twelve Painting, you will discover a new dimension of energy. If you examine the Chamber Four Painting, you will be taught a new dimension of matter.

All of this is encoded within these four paintings, but can be decoded through this technique. Remember, when applying this technique, the mind is a separate personality from the soul and is its instructor. In this example, the mind is the sail, the paintings the wind, and the soul the ship’s hull.

It is recommended to repeat this procedure for each of the four Chamber Paintings three times. During each dialogue between your mind and soul identity, record your key descriptors and look for the linkages between them. You are describing a dimension of time, space, energy, and matter that recedes into the incomprehensible. You will find a new confidence in your mind’s ability to express the insights of the Genetic Mind after this technique is completed. And you will begin to feel an appreciation for the role of the new psychology where the mind acquires the incomprehensible to become the Wholeness Navigator, just as the caterpillar acquires the cocoon to become the butterfly.

Emotion-Soul Acquisition—Soul acquires emotional responses through the human instrument. Emotions, by definition, are responses to a time-based event, an energy, a memory, or an expectation. The mind and body predominantly condition emotional responses, while the soul observes and acquires their constructive essence of bonding, appreciation, and special insight.

The body and mind also acquire learning from the emotional responses, but unlike the soul, they are unable to sift the constructive from the destructive, so they are more affected by the emotional responses of anger, greed, and fear. These emotions anchor the mind to the survival-based energy system as firmly as anything in the world of creation.

The Spirit-essence of the human instrument that guides it to wholeness with Source Intelligence, and ultimately First Source, is emotionally personified in the form of a voice. This voice is heard in the abstraction of poetry that is designed in a specific rhythm and vibration of meaning.

The technique of emotion-soul acquisition is concerned with discerning the emotional voice of a poem, intending that voice to resonate within your soul, and releasing the emotion that arises from the resonance, letting it wander away from you like a wild animal released into its natural habitat.

There are ten poems within the WingMakers’ Ancient Arrow and Hakomi sites that are designed for the application of this technique. They are:

• Circle

• Forever

• One Day

• Listening

• Afterwards

• Of this Place

• Warm Presence

• Another Mind Open

• Of Luminous Things

• Like the Song of Whales

Each poem strikes an emotional chord of subtle discord.

It is discordance that stirs the emotional responses, making them accessible to the higher energies of the human instrument. This discordance is not concerning anger, greed, or fear, but rather the more subtle feelings of separation, abandonment, and spiritual neglect.

The emotion-soul acquisition pays tribute to these feelings, and seeks to position the tether of discordance in the hands of soul, thus ensuring that the emotions have voice and influence in the shaping of soul’s judgment, insight, and reasoning. It is the quiet emotions of separation and abandonment that fuel the strident emotions of fear, greed, and anger. Poetry can bring forth these quiet emotions and liberate their presence to the soul, and in so doing, allow them to be honored, and, in this process, understood.

This understanding helps to diminish the anger and fear of the mind and body, which disaffect the human instrument from Source Intelligence and realization of the Wholeness Navigator consciousness. Thus, the emotion-soul acquisition technique is to trace the voice of the ten poems to the subtle emotions of abandonment and separation, allowing these emotions to arise within one’s self as if they were on display to your soul. These emotions are like ropes that pull the strident emotions into your life-stream, which anchor you to the energy system of survival. To the extent you can eliminate or diminish the “ropes” of the quiet emotions, you can eliminate or diminish the strident emotions.

Be assured that each of these three techniques that you may practice, are done in our presence. You are not alone and you never fail. If your results are not as you expected, abandon your expectations. Set them aside and place your goal on not having any goals or standards. Also recognize that the realizations and shifts in your energy system may reveal themselves in unexpected ways, and therefore, remain largely invisible to yourself if you have set expectations for their materialization.

It is purposely designed to be a struggle to make this shift both as a species and as an individual. As a species, humankind must be able to harness the appropriate tools of technology in order to attune the human instrument to permit the Wholeness Navigator to both inhabit and be in command of the brain centers, nervous system, and the subconscious artifacts of ancestral roots. It takes the equivalent of 5,200,000 years for a humanoid species to evolve to the threshold of the Grand Portal.

As an individual, the aforementioned techniques enable a purposeful immersion into a Tributary Zone, whereby an individual can transform their energy system, which in turn, transforms their beliefs and life experience. However, no matter how effective an individual applies these techniques they will not achieve the discovery of the Grand Portal of their own efforts. The Grand Portal is a discovery by humanity. It is the culmination of science, art, and technology, operating in unison, focused on the exploratory province of cosmology and metaphysics.

Most humans have been raised on the premise of karma or fate. It is time to understand that while these doctrines are both valid, they are overshadowed by the reality of the Blueprint of Exploration. While karma or fate may explain the life experience of an individual, Source Intelligence orchestrates the species, from its very first emergence upon the planet, to discover the Grand Portal and establish its supremacy upon the planet.

The Grand Portal then becomes the homing beacon that draws the galactic energy system to the planet and connects it to the network of galactic energy. When this occurs, the species is no longer a planet-based species. Humankind will be inter-galactic in its range of experience and realm of influence.

The individual can participate in this orchestration of energies, being consciously aligned and supportive of the shifts required to achieve the discovery of the Grand Portal, or they can choose to live life within the survival-based energy system and drift into the Grand Portal with their fellow humans. It is neither fate nor karma that is drawing the human species to the edge of the Grand Portal. It is the event string of First Source, and therefore, the outcome of every human action and thought is an element of this journey.