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Chamber Two – The Shifting Models of Existence

Chamber Two – The Shifting Models of Existence

The consciousness of the Sovereign Integral is the destination that beckons the human instrument inward into the reality of First Source. In all the wanderings of the human consciousness from Source Reality, it has eliminated the compelling features of Source Reality through the application of the logical mind and the persistent belief in the language of limitation that flows from the external controls of the hierarchy.

Source Reality, hidden behind language, has gradually become “illuminated” by the prophets of your world, and has thus taken on the image of language rather than the expression of its compelling features. Language is the purveyor of limitation. It is the pawn of tyranny and entrapment. Virtually all entities within the time-space universe desire to preserve a dependence upon a hierarchy that stretches between the individual and the compelling features of Source Reality. It is the hierarchy that utilizes language as a form of structural limitation, though in relative terms, it can appear to be liberating and empowering.

Source Reality is the dwelling place of First Source, and it dances outside of the constructs of any language. It is complete within itself, and has a singular purpose of demonstrating the collective potential of all species within the Universe of Wholeness. It is the archetype of perfection. It is the standard bearer of each entity’s innate design and ultimate destiny. ITS essence is so far beyond conception that the human instrument’s tendency is to resort to the language of externals—and ultimately the hierarchy—to define Source Reality.

The hierarchy, through the purveyance of an evolution/saviorship model of existence, has attempted to guide the development of all entities throughout the Universe of Wholeness. The connection between the individual and the Source is subtly undermined through the layers of language, belief system manipulation, and ritual controls designed by the hierarchy to intervene between the spiritual essence of entities and their source, First Source.

Each individual must know their self to be free of all forms of external reliance. This is not to imply that one should not trust others or band together in alliances of friendship and community. It is simply a warning that relative truth is constantly shifting in the hands of those who desire to control, and even though their motives may be of good will, it is still a form of control. When the hierarchy withholds information, the interpretive centers for relative truth are positioned to acquire and maintain power rather than dispensing the empowerment of Source equality.

There are so many layers of relative truth that if you listen to the language of externals, you will most likely abandon your own power in favor of the proclamation of language. Language is seductive to the ego’s drive for power and control, as well as the mind’s inclination to surrender to, and believe in, the language of externals. It can lure the unsuspecting into believing images and ideas—real or imagined—for the sake of holding individuals in bondage to a lesser truth, or keep individuals supporting the hierarchy when it no longer serves a purpose. The time is fast approaching when the veils of control at all levels of the Hierarchy will be rendered obsolete by entities who are destined to pull down the veils and allow sovereign power to prevail over hierarchical power.

There are entities that have woven their future existence with terra-earth and are destined to demonstrate the truth of Source equality among all entities at all levels of expression. It will become the fundamental purpose of the Hierarchy to slowly remove these barriers to equality in such a way that the hierarchy appears to be the savior of consciousness rather than the guard of consciousness. There are those present who will ensure that the curtain falls swiftly for those who are ready to be equal with their Source; are willing to skirt the hierarchy’s tangled pathways; and embrace their divinity as sovereign expressions of Source Reality.

The hierarchy represents diverse interests, perceptions of reality, and motives of action. It is this diversity that causes the hierarchy to become ineffective in leading individuals to their equal status with First Source. However, this diversity is also what permits the hierarchy to attract and initially awaken such a breadth of individuals to their spiritual energies and intuitive centers. Nevertheless, the hierarchy has trapped itself in diversity and vested specialization that prevents it from evolving from an arduous ladder of evolution to a joyous river of Light that is aligned with the purpose of empowering entities to Source equality.

The saviorship concept results from the feelings of inadequacy that constantly surge within the mass consciousness of humanity through the genetic mind. These feelings are related to the fragmentation of the human instrument and its inability—while fragmented—to fully grasp its own wholeness perspective and reach into its divine origins and accept itself as equal with First Source. Thus ensues the seemingly endless search to be saved from the inadequacy and insecurity that result from the fragmentation of the human instrument.

The motive to evolve consciousness derives from the feeling of being less than whole. And in particular, the feeling of being disconnected from First Source due to imperfect judgment caused by the fragmentation of the human instrument. It is through these feelings that the fragmentation perpetuates itself for the entire species and is passed into the genetic mind, which is the shared foundation of the human instrument. The genetic mind of the human species is the single most powerful component of the Hierarchy and it is formed by the very conditions of the human instrument living in a three-dimensional, five-sensory context that is all-consuming.

When the entity initially enters a human instrument at birth, it is immediately fragmented into a physical, emotional, and mental spectrum of perception and expression. From that day forward the entity is carefully conditioned to adapt into, and navigate within, the three-dimensional, five-sensory context of terra-earth. In effect, the entity purposely fragments its consciousness in order to experience separation from wholeness.

In this state of separation, the entity has handicapped itself for the purpose of new experience and a deeper understanding of the Primal Blueprint or grand vision of First Source. Through this deeper understanding, the entity can, through the human instrument, transform the three-dimensional context into a self-aware, integrated component of the Universe of Wholeness. This magnificent and purposeful endeavor produces the urge within the human instrument to seek out its wholeness and re-experience its divine connection to First Source.

This search, in large measure, is the fuel that drives the individual to seek out and explore the evolution/saviorship model of existence. It provides the individual with the motivation to seek help and guidance from a specific subgroup of the hierarchy, and in so doing, develop a sense of belonging and unity. It is this very same sense of belonging and unity that helps to catalyze a growing awareness of the underlying union between the human instrument, the Entity Consciousness, the Universe of Wholeness, Source Intelligence, and First Source.

This is why the evolution/saviorship model is so critical as a component to the Grand Experiment. It is the stage whereby the human instrument develops a sense of unity and belonging. A sense of relationship to some grand and encompassing vision. This is why the hierarchy nurtures saviors. It is also why the feelings of inadequacy and insecurity are developed and nurtured by the hierarchy. It actually hastens the unification of humanity, which in turn, will hasten and lead to the unification of humanity with the Universe of Wholeness.

Spiritual leaders are able to peer deeply beneath the surface reality of life and experience how intricately connected every life form is, and how this composite of life is intelligent far beyond the human instrument’s capability to both perceive and express. It is because of this condition that spiritual leaders can only interpret reality through their personal abilities to perceive and express life’s dimensional depth and limitless intelligence. No one is able to articulate life’s dimensional depth and breadth with the tools of language. They can only, at best, describe their interpretation or their impressions.

Every human is able, in varying degrees, to peer beneath the surface reality of life and perceive and express their personal interpretations of the Universe of Wholeness. They require only the time and intention to develop their own interpretations. And this is precisely what all the great spiritual leaders have taught. Life’s deeper meaning is not an absolute to be experienced by the chosen few, but an evolving, dynamic intelligence that wears as many faces as there are life forms. No life form or species has the exclusive portal into the Universe of Wholeness in which First Source expresses ITSELF in all ITS majesty. The portal is shared with all because First Source is within all things.

The Shifting Models of Existence

The great spiritual leaders of terra-earth have all, in their own way, interpreted the Universe of Wholeness and humanity’s role therein. In so doing, their interpretations, because they were articulated with authority and depth of insight, became a target of debate among various subgroups of the hierarchy. This debate and inquiry process creates a polarity of belief. A sympathetic constituency will emerge to defend and embellish their particular leader’s interpretation, while everyone else will hold it in contempt of previously held beliefs.

This peculiar method of creating a religion that is fixated on a savior’s or prophet’s interpretation of the Universe of Wholeness is unique to a species that is exploring the evolution/saviorship model of existence. The spiritual leaders that are recognized as great prophets or saviors have produced a vision of the Universe of Wholeness beyond what was currently defined by the hierarchy. They created a new portal into the Universe of Wholeness and were willing to share their vision at the expense of debate and probable ridicule.

These men and women were the gateways for humanity to explore new facets of itself. To engage a part of its oversoul or universal consciousness that was essential at that particular time in its evolutionary cycle. But the leader’s interpretations too often become interpreted by the followers who desire to create a religion or sect, and the vision quietly recedes into the hands of the Hierarchy where it becomes de-vitalized by the very fact that it is connected to a massive structure that both protects and promotes it.

First Source is connected to individuals not organizations. Thus, the hierarchy is unconnected to the Source in a vital and dynamic way. The hierarchy is more connected to its own collective desire to help, to serve, to perform a function that allows the use of power to drive toward the vision of its leaders. In itself, this is not wrong or misguided. It is all part of the Primal Blueprint that orchestrates the unfoldment of consciousness from First Source to entity, and entity to Collective Source. This is the spiral of integration that breeds wholeness and cascading beauty within Source Intelligence.

What the hierarchy has loosely labeled as Spirit comes as close as any word to the symbol of Source Intelligence. Source Intelligence inhabits all fields of vibration as an extension of the Source. It is the emissary of First Source that interweaves with the hierarchy as its counter-balance. Source Intelligence is the factor of integrity and alignment, which ensures that the hierarchy is serving its purpose within the Primal Blueprint. Source Intelligence is, in effect, the “scientist” who oversees the Grand Experiment and establishes the criteria, selects the variables, monitors the results, and evaluates the alternative outcomes in the laboratory of time and space.

The Grand Experiment is the ongoing transformation and expansion of Source Intelligence through all entities in all dimensions of existence. It is the purpose of the Grand Experiment to test alternative models of existence to determine, with some certainty, the model that is best able to unify consciousness without impinging on the sovereignty of the entity and First Source. The Grand Experiment is composed of many distinct stages that interlink, leading to the Great Mystery. Most of these different stages are being simultaneously played out within the time-space universe in order to prepare the universe for the impending expansion of Source Reality into all dimensions of existence.

In the case of terra-earth, this is the stage of existence that promotes the clear connection of individual consciousness to the compelling features of Source Reality without the intervention of a hierarchy of any kind. This is when the fables and myths of history step into the light and become known as they truly are and have been. This is the time when language will be transmuted into a new form of communication that exhibits the compelling features of Source Reality in an artistry of energy and vibration that break down all barriers of control.

It is time to recognize that the hierarchy extends throughout the cosmos to the very borders of discovery. It has branches that extend from every star system, every known dimension; and virtually all life forms are “leaves” of this vast cosmological tree. This constitutes the grand indoctrination of species, spirits, planets, and stars as they each evolve through the branches of the tree. Thus, the hierarchy is an assemblage of externals that desire to invest their energies in support of a sub-group that has nested somewhere within the greatest of all structures—the hierarchy. Service is the operational motive of the hierarchy, and in most cases, this translates into the concept of saviorship and the teacher/student ordering of the universe.

The hierarchy is composed of all entities of all motives that have linked their energies into sub-groups. These sub-groups are independent branches of the vast, cosmological tree that encompasses all things outside of Source Reality. The roots of the tree are bound in the soil of genetic memory and subconscious instincts. At the base of the tree the first branches sprout and they are the oldest, representing the native religions of the species. The middle branches are the orthodox religions and institutions, while the upper branches represent the contemporary belief systems that are newly emerging throughout the universe. The whole tree, in this definition, is the hierarchy, and its seed was initially conceived, planted, and nurtured by Source Intelligence for the purpose of stimulating the Grand Experiment.

This is the experiment of transformation versus evolution. Evolution is the arduous and ongoing process of shifting positions within the hierarchy—always assessing your present position in relation to a new one that beckons you. Transformation is simply the recognition that there are accelerated pathways that bypass the hierarchy leading to sovereign mastership rather than interdependent saviorship, and that these new pathways can be accessed through direct experience of the equality tone-vibration that is present within all entities.

This tone vibration is not what is more commonly referred to as the music of the spheres or the vibration of spirit moving through the universe in resonance to Source intention. It is a vibration that holds together the three principles of the transformational experience: Universe relationship through gratitude, observance of Source in all things, and the nurturance of life. The application of these life-principles in a specific equation of conduct de-couples an entity from the controlling elements of the hierarchy.

How can the hierarchy act in the role of an interpretive center of truth without manipulating entities, and thus, obscuring their free will? The Grand Experiment was designed with free will as its primary method of obtaining authentic information that can be used to expand Source Reality to all dimensions of existence. Free will is the thread of authenticity that imbues value in the various tests within the Grand Experiment. The hierarchy or any other external structure never jeopardizes free will. Only the entity can choose their reality, and this is the fundamental principle of free will.

Free will is not obscured simply because an entity is presented with alternative realities or relative truths that delay its realization of Source equality. It is the choice of the entity to invest itself in external accounts of reality instead of delving within its own resources and creating a reality that is sovereign. The value of free will is always expanding as you move towards sovereignty, and in like manner, is always diminishing as you move towards external dependence. The choice between sovereignty or external dependence is the basis of free will, and there is no structure or external source that can eliminate this basic choice. It is an inward choice that, regardless of outward circumstance, is incapable of being denied by anything external.

The Universe of Wholeness encompasses all dimensions (including Source Reality), and therefore, all realities are contained therein. In this incomprehensible diversity, each entity is provided a structure that defines their free will in terms of its relation to Source Reality. Each of these structures varies in latitude of choice, but each is connected into the superstructure of the hierarchy. The structureless reality of Source Reality is where free will was initially conceived, and when the principle expanded into the time-space universe as the thread of authenticity, it became increasingly dependent upon the entity’s recognition of its wholeness in relation to Source Intelligence.

If the entity was fragmented into its component parts, its comprehension of free will was limited to that which the hierarchy circumscribed. If the entity is a conscious collective, realizing its sovereign wholeness, the principle of free will was a form of structure that was unnecessary, like a fire in a summer’s day. When entities are unknowing of their wholeness, structure will occur as a form of self-imposed security. Through this ongoing development of a structured and ordered universe, entities defined their borders—their limits—through the expression of their insecurity. They gradually became pieces of their wholeness, and like shards of glass from a beautiful vase they bear little resemblance to their aggregate beauty.

If you were to perceive the origin of your existence, you would undoubtedly see how vast the entity is. If you could pierce through the veils that cover your destiny, you would understand how much vaster you will become. Between these two points of existence—origin and destiny—the entity is always the vibrant container of Source Intelligence. It has willingly allowed itself to explore the time-space universes as an outpost of First Source. Therefore, while the Hierarchy may obscure the entity’s comprehension of its wholeness, it is the entity who has surrendered, by choice, to listen to the language of limitation, the proclamations of externals, and become seduced by the model of evolution/saviorship.

Why has the hierarchy not provided the alternative model of transformation/mastership and enabled the entity to make a choice, and in so doing, truly exercise its free will? It is because the hierarchy, like most entities, is not aware of its wholeness. Its fragments, or subgroups, are completely devoted to boundaries. Where there are boundaries that define and limit, there is also structure. Where there is deeply ingrained structure there is a pervasive belief that transformation is impossible. Naturally, the time-space universe conforms to the matrix of belief projection, and the very concept of transformation is removed from the hierarchy’s reality.

Thus, the hierarchy is unable to even conceptualize the model of transformation/mastership with any precision, let alone inform the entity that alternatives exist which issue from Source Intelligence. The hierarchy is not responsible for this condition, each entity is. The dominant model of Source Intelligence is primal. It existed before the hierarchy. It is the entity that has chosen to explore the hierarchy’s model of existence for the purpose of participating in the Grand Experiment and assisting in the emergence of the synthesis model of existence. The hierarchy is quite benign as a manipulative force, and merely represents a key ingredient to the recipe of wholeness that is transforming the entity to reach beyond its role as a vibrant container of Source Intelligence, and become the bridgeway in the expansion of Source Reality into the time-space universes.

There is an ancient belief, born of the hierarchy, that the time-space universes will ascend into Source Reality and the human instrument of love will accompany this ascension process. However, it is Source Reality that is expanding to encompass the time-space universes with the purpose of aligning all entities to the synthesis model of existence. Source Intelligence is stripping away the veils that hide the true meaning of the entity model of expression in the time-space universes. When this occurs, the entity will possess Source equality in all dimensions and fields of vibration, and its componentry will be united for the full expression of its sovereign perspective.

This transformation of the entity is the pathway into wholeness and the recognition that the entity model of expression is a composite of forms and the formless that is unified in one energy, one consciousness. When the fragments are aligned and inter-connected, the entity becomes the instrument that facilitates Source Reality expansion. Thus, the entity does not ascend from the time-space universes, but rather coalesces into a state of wholeness whereby its sovereign expression can assist in the expansion, or in a different context, the descent, of Source Reality into the time-space universes.

Ascension is often construed as the natural outcome of evolution. That all planetary systems and species are evolving to the point where they ascend from limitation, and that eventually, the time-space universes will somehow fold into Source Reality and cease to exist as fields of vibration. It is actually quite the opposite. Source Reality is descending. It is inclusive of all things, and it is the Source intention to expand, not retreat. The entity transforms to wholeness within the cradle of the time-space universe, and, in so doing, becomes the accessory of Source Reality’s intention to expand.

Can you see the perfection of this Primal Blueprint? Can you feel the shifting of the matrix from which your reality is cast? Can you not also understand that you, the human instrument, consist of a componentry that is individuated as a single point of pure energy, yet live in many places on many dimensions simultaneously? Only within the entity is the place of transformation discovered, where the formless Self can enter and commune with its various outposts of form. The formless is the Eternal Watcher who lives behind the veil of form and comprehension, and draws forth the wisdom of time from the well of planets. It is the point of origination from whence Source Intelligence flows.

The Eternal Watcher is the only real interpretive center for the entity. It is the only stable guidance system that can propel the entity to its wholeness. Thus, the entity is composed of both the formless identity of Source Intelligence and the formful identity of densified energy. While the formless is one, the formful is divested in many fragments of expression that isolate its consciousness as islands of perception and expression. This condition results in the entity’s denial of its vast and glorious nature of existence.

In the human instrument, the entity, for the most part, is silent and unmoving. It appears like a fleeting whisper of gladness that touches you like a mountain wind. It is quiet like a deep ocean. Yet, the entity is coming forward into the time-space universe as a harbinger of Source Reality expansion. It is beginning to make itself known as it truly is. Many feel the shadow of their entity as it approaches. They consign all forms of definition to this “shadow”, seldom believing it to be the torchbearer of their total selfhood. Here is where all the vows of faithfulness, all the ceremonies of love, and all the feelings of hope should be centered and given over to the sovereign entity that each of us is.

The primary reason that the hierarchy’s model of evolution/saviorship is so compelling is because the entity has become fragmented in how it perceives its total selfhood. The Eternal Watcher that lives through the human instrument is illusive to the time-space conditioned mind, yet it is the mind that attempts to reach out and touch this subtle vibration of Source equality that is forever kindled by Source Intelligence. However, the mind is too conditioned and disempowered to realize the total scope of the entity that exists beyond the shadows of intuition. It is for this reason that the species is exploring the evolution/saviorship model of existence. They have little or no conception of their wholeness, and require a savior and the acclimation process of evolution to bring them security and happiness.

It is a natural condition of an evolving species to have a desire, implanted by the hierarchy, to be saved and to be a savior. This condition results in the teacher/student ordering of the universe, and it is a building block of evolution and the very essence of the hierarchy’s structural existence. While some species resort to the drama of survival to catalyze their evolutionary progress, other species resort to the drama of being saved and being a savior. The saviorship drama is an expression of sovereign entities that are preoccupied with the evolutionary process, and it is not confined to a religious context, but indeed applies to all facets of one’s life.

As there are relative truths, there are relative freedoms. If you are evolving through the hierarchical process you gain an ever-increasing sense of freedom, yet you are still controlled by the vibration of externals through languages, thought forms, frequencies of color and sound, and the seemingly indelible artifacts of the genetic mind. Each of these elements can cause the human instrument to rely upon the hierarchy as it overlays a sense of inequality between you and your Source. The underlying equation of the evolutionary process is human instrument + Hierarchy = God connection. In the case of the transformational process, it is Entity + Source Intelligence = First Source equality.

Source Intelligence, though it generally manifests as the vibration of equality, is subject to the will of First Source, and as the Source intention changes through the various stages of the Grand Experiment, Source Intelligence is also changing its form of manifestation. This change is occurring now within the worlds of time and space because First Source is beginning to set the stage for the integration of the two primary models of existence (evolution/saviorship and transformation/mastership) within the Grand Experiment.

The time has come to integrate the dominant model of the Hierarchy (evolution/saviorship) with the dominant model of Source Intelligence (transformation/mastership). This integration can only be achieved at the level of the entity. It cannot occur within the context of a human instrument or an aspect of the hierarchy. Only the entity—the wholeness of inter-dimensional sovereignty imbued with Source Intelligence—can facilitate and fully experience the integration of these two models of existence.

This form of integration occurs when the entity fully explores the two models and develops a synthesis model that positions saviorship as an internal role of the entity to “save” itself, and not rely upon externals to perform this liberating task. This act of self-sufficiency begins to integrate the saviorship idea with the mastership realization. The next step is to integrate the time-based incremental progress of the evolutionary model with the realization-based acceptance of the transformation model. This is done when the entity is thoroughly convinced that experience and utilization of its wholeness can only occur when it is completely detached from the various structures of the hierarchy.

While the entity assumes its role of personal liberation, it does not mean that the hierarchy is to be shunned or avoided. The hierarchy is a wondrous instrument. It is symbolic of the body of First Source, enabling IT to submerge within the time-space universes similar to how the human instrument allows the entity to function outside of Source Reality. The hierarchy is a vehicle of transformation even when it acts to suppress information and keep species in obedience to its controlling hand. It is part of the ancient formula that prepares a new universe for the synthesis model of existence and membership in the Universe of Wholeness.

The combination of self-saviorship and detachment from the hierarchy initiates the synthesis model into manifestation. The synthesis model is the next outcome of the Grand Experiment, and in certain vibrational fields of the multidimensional universe, there are entities who are indeed experiencing this stage of the experiment as forerunners of the entity model of Source individuation.

These entities are specifically designed to transmit this future experience into communication symbols and life principles that facilitate the bridging of the two models of existence. Beyond the initial design and construction of these “bridges,” these entities will remain largely unknown. If they were to do anything more, they would rapidly become a fixture of the Hierarchy and their missions would become compromised.

These Sovereign Entities are not present in the time-space universe to be formal teachers. They are present to be catalysts and designers. They are present to ensure that Source Intelligence is allowed to balance the dominant force of the Hierarchy and its model of evolution/saviorship. They will not create a new belief system. Instead, they will focus on developing new communication symbols through various art forms that facilitate the entity’s detachment from the controlling aspects of the hierarchy. The Sovereign Entities will also demonstrate the natural ease of interweaving the two primary strands of existence into a synthesis model.

In the advancing epoch of human development, entities will collectively design new pathways beyond the synthesis model of existence so that a new hierarchy can be constructed that is fashioned from Source Intelligence information. This new hierarchy will be cast from the knowledge gained from the Grand Experiments of the time-space universes, and the cosmic cycle will regenerate itself into a new field of vibration and existence. This new model of existence resists definition, and word-symbols are completely inadequate to describe even the shadowy outlines of this new form of existence that is emerging from out of the synthesis model in your future time.

The WingMakers are Sovereign Entities who will be transforming time-space universes from ladders of consciousness to inclusions of Source Reality. In other words, Source Reality will be extended into time-space universes, and all life forms therein will experience this extension through a new hierarchical structure that is completely aligned with Source Intelligence. What some call “heaven on earth” is merely an echo-realization of this impending future time. What is truly bearing down on the time-space universes is the expansion of Source Reality through the accessibility of Source Intelligence information to all entities regardless of form or structure.

When this accessibility is complete and the Source Coding is fully activated, all entities will be part of a new cosmological structure. This new structure will invoke the next model of existence, which is already being developed within Source Reality by Source Intelligence and the Sovereign Entities. What is being activated now upon this time-space universe is the initial preparations for these shifts in the models of existence. More specifically, upon terra-earth, these models of existence will be simultaneously played out over the next epoch of time. As always, it will be the choice of the entity as to which model they embrace as reality.

These various models of existence will generally occur in a predetermined sequence, but not necessarily in a predetermined time frame. The sequence of Source Reality expansion is: Source Intelligence creation of new fields of vibration; the ongoing development of an entity constructed hierarchy to act as the superstructure of the new creation; the emergence from the hierarchy of a dominant model of existence, in this case, the evolution/saviorship model; the introduction of the Source Intelligence model of existence, in this case, the transformation/ mastership model; the intermixing of these two models to form a synthesis model of Source equality; and finally, Source Reality expansion to the inclusion of all dimensions and entities.

When this sequencing of the Primal Blueprint is achieved, the process, with all that has been learned by Source Intelligence, will be reconfigured and a new element of the Primal Blueprint will be revealed that is unknown at this stage even by Source Intelligence. The time required to fulfill the complete cycle is undetermined, but it is reasonable to expect that its completion is yet so distant in time that to attach measurement is simply a feeble attempt at estimating the unknowable.

Let there be no mistake, however, that the fulfillment of the Primal Blueprint is indeed the direction all entities are traveling. While entities of all levels are bestowed free will within their own realities, they are not, as aspects of Source Reality, given free will to choose their ultimate destiny. The origin of entities is Source Intelligence, and it is Source Intelligence that determines destiny as well as origin. Still, entities are provided tremendous latitude of choices to propel themselves from origin to destiny and re-emerge into an expanded version of Source Reality with a renewed vision of their identity.

All the highest imaginings of the human instrument are yet unaware of the deepest foundation of the Primal Blueprint. They have sought the upper reaches of the building, and remain unaware of the foundation’s design. It is here, at the very bottom of existence that First Source is bursting forth with ITS energy and is retreating with ITS equality of sovereign mastership. It is here that equality is realized, not in the lofty places of relative truth lodged in the hierarchy, but in the deepest part of the foundational plan of life’s origins and destiny, where time rejoins itself into timelessness. The origin and destiny of existence is the tone of equality in life. Listen for this tone—this frequency of vibration—and follow it back into the very foundation from whence all things arise and return.

This frequency of the tone-vibration of equality is only heard with the seventh sense by the entity who is enveloped in a human instrument. The seventh sense can be developed by the time capsules and will lead certain entities to their innermost or core expression. The core expression is what activates the seventh sense. Thus, before one can hear the tone-vibration of equality, they must gain access to their core expression. There is encoded in each of the time capsules, a system of languages that can lead the individual to their core expression. It is hidden because it is so powerful. And we will only lead the worthy to this power.

Consider these words as symbols only. Remember that language is a tool of limitation. Feeling is an antidote of limitation that permits the human instrument to leap over the boundaries of the logical mind and witness firsthand the wordless power of collective energy individuated. Feel the truth that stands behind the symbols, and tap into this energy-force that reaches out for you. Know it as a tone-vibration—a resonance that waits for you around every corner in which your life will turn. It is the beacon of the Source Vibration gathering itself into the form of language in order to usher you to the place from which you can experience the formless tone of equality; the bypass of limitation; the Primal Language of Source Intelligence that bestows to you the freedom to generate your deepest beauty in the expression of the highest truth.