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 James Mahu has written five novels: Ancient Arrow Project, The Dohrman Prophecy, Quantusum, The Weather Composer, and The Weather Composer II.

In addition to these novels, James’ publisher has produced two, full-color compendiums of the body of WingMakers’ literature, diagrams, papers, artwork, and poetry. Volume I is currently available and Volume II is in the final stages of release.

The literature of WingMakers is vast and varied. It often puts people into the mode of “where should I start?” Scanning the materials and seeing what resonates with you best answers this question. Everyone is activated by different elements, stories, characters and even cover art. See what resonates and trust your own sense of where to start… or even whether to start. The WingMakers materials, including its literature, is not for everyone. It requires an open mind and a seeker’s heart.  

If you want to get a sense of the WingMakers narrative from its original expression (when the WingMakers site launched in 1998), then The Ancient Arrow Project novel is a great place to start. This novel is regarded as the “headwaters” of the WingMakers and provides great context for the broader materials (i.e., art, poetry, philosophy).

If you tend to like more practical wisdom and are seeking more specific methods to explore the “How to” approach, then the papers by James Mahu on the energetic heart and six heart virtues would be a great place to start.

Those who like magical realism and novels that focus on esoteric spiritual concepts would enjoy Quantusum, The Dohrman Prophecy, or The Weather Composer series.

For those who want the broadest possible understanding of the materials, The Collected Works of the WingMakers, Vol. I is without doubt the best method to gain the broadest and perhaps the deepest understanding of the work as a whole.

If you like more dystopian-style novels, then the more recent book, The Weather Composer series would be an excellent choice.

Collected Works of the WingMakers Volume I

Collected Works of the WingMakers – Volume I (CWW) is the definitive collection of the writings over a twelve year span (1998 to 2010) by James Mahu—the visionary creator behind the WingMakers, Event Temples, SpiritState, and Lyricus websites, books, booklets, music, art, poetry and metaphysical papers.

This beautiful and comprehensive volume contains insightful introductions and commentary by Editor John Berges that provide context for the diverse body of material that James has made available. Considered by many within the enlightenment community to be one of the most esoteric collections of spiritual information on the planet, CWW is made easier to understand by Mr. Berges’ expert explanations.

CWW includes the popular “Ancient Arrow Project” novel, paintings, poetry, e-books, glossary and techniques for working with the materials. It is what many WingMakers’ students have wanted for many years—one book you can study, mark-up, and research.

The works of James Mahu are extensive, ranging from poetry, philosophy, art, spiritual novels, and papers. The Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. I is full-color throughout with an amazing view into both cosomology and personal spirituality. Any student of the esoteric works, will find this volume an indispensable part of their library. (Volume II will ship fall 2013).

Editor: John Berges

Publication: Summer 2013

Book: Full Color

Size: 7″x 10″

Pages: 736

ISBN: 978-0-9641549-6-4

The Ancient Arrow Project

The Ancient Arrow Project involves shadowy global powers, top-secret government agencies, extraterrestrials, time travel, secret advanced technologies, and a higher form of remote viewing referred to as sensory bi-location. If all of these fact-based elements were not enough, the author introduces a highly advanced, enigmatic group of beings called the WingMakers.

The WingMakers are the catalytic force of The Ancient Arrow Project, and a potential threat to the secret agenda of Fifteen, the head of the ACIO (Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization), and its clandestine research team, the Labyrinth Group. When students discover a strange artifact buried in the desert of the Southwest, little do they suspect that it will lead the Labyrinth Group to an amazing underground vault of interactive cultural antiquities—and a host of puzzling questions about how they got there, who placed them there, and what they mean.

The author, James Mahu, creates a wondrous tapestry in The Ancient Arrow Project. He weaves together fact with fictionalized mythology as the warp and woof of a story that is essential for the next three generations of humanity. He threads mythological elements of the ACIO and Ancient Arrow mystery together with multimedia expressions of philosophy, metaphysics, glyph language, poetry, music, and art.

James stimulates our imaginations and opens our minds to a human existence that surpasses the material world, culminating in the discovery of the Grand Portal and the science of multidimensional reality in the latter part of the 21st Century.

Note: Available only as an e-book.


Publication: Fall 1998
Pages: 220


What if you awaken on a deserted island, and don’t know how you got there, don’t know your name, don’t have a single memory… Your efforts to find answers to your perilous predicament lead you off in confusing directions… and yet, your destiny beckons you to humankind’s most vital event: the irrefutable, scientific discovery of the human soul—The Grand Portal.

Quantusum is the story of an ancient plan and a modern man who collide in the mystery of life’s highest purpose. And those beings who watch, wait and lay their traps, because they desire this plan to fail.

Quantusum is a mythos-based novel as powerful and engaging in its storytelling as in its philosophical underpinnings. The novel blends a love story, rich psychological drama, results of recent medical research, and deep, probing philosophical discovery into a page-turning masterwork. Challenging and rewarding at the same time, Quantusum is sure to draw you into a fantastic many-layered magical realm you can experience as if it were your own.

Using first-person narrative, James pulls the reader into a world of many dimensions, and we learn, for the first time, the mysterious nature of how The Grand Portal is discovered and how it operates. We see how the forces of established power resist the most important discovery of humankind. This is magical-realism at its very best!

Publication: Summer 2012

Pages: 712

Publisher: Planetwork Press

ISBN: 0-9641549-5-1

The Dohrman Prophecy

Deep in a mystical forest, hidden by centuries of myth and technologies of stealth, three monolithic stones rise like beacons brought to this planet by an unknown source. It is the most secret possession of the Church, and it is alive in ways that no one predicted.

There is one who will awaken it and this is what is whispered among the elite who have read the most secret of all books The Dohrman Prophecy.

The awakening has begun from a single journey, but all of us will feel the changes.

From the author, artist, poet, composer who created the contemporary mythology known as the WingMakers, comes a new journey into consciousness equally provocative and stirring to the soul. The Dohrman Prophecy is an expansive novel set in a mystical time and mythical place, but its characters are carved from the very real forces that shape our world—religion, government and heroic individualism.

If you’re a fan of Paulo Coelho or Kahlil Gibran, you will love the poetic prose of The Dohrman Prophecy. Its message of transformation and love has that rare flavor of truth and substance that only the best works of spiritual fiction offer. It is a novel that has it all: love, romance, fierce conflicts between good and evil, and intelligent characters who define individualism and personal transformation.

Publication: March 2012

Pages: 512

Publisher: Planetwork Press

ISBN: 978-0-9641549-4-0

The Weather Composer: Rise of the Mahdi

The Weather Composer is a fictional novel that is about a time in earth’s future when a global nevent occurs that is called Sunrot. Sunrot is an incident that describes when an overactive sun ncreates devastating effects on earth’s populations. The story takes place twelve years after the nevent of Sunrot happened, and shows how a young boy in a Baluchian tribe in eastern Iran becomes identified as being in possession of a very special intelligence.

The leadership of earth wants to rebuild the technologies that it had before Sunrot, and they have special schools where they send the brightest students. They test students for entry into these special schools, and this Baluchian boy, whose name is Terran Kahn, is identified by their system as having an IQ that is literally off the charts. The leadership wants him, and they send a team to extract him from Mashhad, Iran. The problem is that the tribe, from which this boy is from, believes that he is the Mahdi.

The Mahdi is prophesied to be the one who unifies all religions into Islam. There is a great conflict between the Baluchian tribe and the new world leadership as they fight over possession of this boy. Meanwhile, Terran has his own vision, and that is to prevent another Sunrot. He wants to be able to compose weather to control its effects so if another Sunrot were to occur, the food supplies could still be managed.

The conflict of the story is about who controls the incredible one-in-a-trillion intelligence that Terran possesses, and for what purpose this intelligence is used. Terran knows he needs to have access to the best teachers on the planet, and so he wants to leave his tribe, and be taught. He does not want to be the Mahdi, however, the question is, does he have a choice?

Publication: Summer 2013

Pages: 504

Publisher: Planetwork Press

ISBN: 978-0-9641549-8-8

The Weather Composer: The Battlefield is Born

The Weather Composer: The Battlefield is Born is the second novel in the trilogy called The Weather Composer.

After an extinction level event called Sunrot devastates the Earth, humanity must rebuild. A secret prophecy, held by the Vatican is leaked by a Cardinal who defects from the Vatican and takes the prophecy to a U.S. Senator. The prophecy tells of an overactive sun that puts humanity back into the Stone Age, and reduces its populations by 90 percent. This prophecy is held by a senator who later—after Sunrot hits Earth—becomes the President of a global government called the Greater Nation.

Three characters are born simultaneously on the eve of Sunrot, and in the same general vicinity in the Middle East. They are Terran Kahn, the Mahdi; Nura Yonan, the Christ; and Malik al-Hashimi, the antichrist. These three individuals are identified by the new educational system of the Greater Nation as being UHIQs (people in possession of Ultra-High Intelligent Quotients). They are brought together by the educational system and trained in different ways, and for very different purposes.

Publication: Fall 2014

Pages: 360

Publisher: Planetwork Press

ISBN: 978-0-9641549-9-5